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What is a Luxury Vinyl Tile or a LVT?


Luxury vinyl tile flooring (LVT) or vinyl planks are a durable flooring option that mimics the appearance of wood planks or stone tiles. It is crafted from tough vinyl material, making it highly resilient. These products find extensive use in high-traffic commercial spaces where both durability and aesthetic appeal are crucial factors.

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring 


Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) offer an elegant look, exceptional durability, easy maintenance, and a wider range of colours compared to wood. Unlike wood or ceramics, LVTs don’t significantly increase the floor height and eliminate the need for expansion gaps, making them a practical choice.


Where is Luxury Vinyl Flooring used?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are premium, durable flooring options widely employed in both commercial and residential settings. They are commonly found in various environments such as offices, hotels, and educational facilities, owing to their high-quality and long-lasting nature.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring stands apart from traditional housing tiles or the inexpensive cushioned vinyl often mistakenly called ‘lino.’ LVTs are highly durable and find extensive use in commercial spaces like shops, leisure facilities, offices, showrooms, and more. Manufacturers continually advance their technology, enhancing the design, finish, and variety of these products. This sector of the commercial flooring market has experienced steady growth as clients increasingly recognise the numerous advantages and solutions offered by LVT compared to other alternatives.

FAQ’s for Luxury Vinyl Tiles:

Why choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

LVTs are highly durable and simple to maintain. Unlike wood, they are not sensitive to heat and moisture, eliminating the need for expansion gaps. They do not crack like ceramic tiles and offer a more stylish and authentic appearance compared to sheet vinyl. Additionally, they outlast carpets and are easily replaceable without the hassle of ripping up a large area or creating extra joins if one or two pieces get damaged.

How hard wearing are luxury vinyl tiles?

These LVT products are exceptionally durable, all covered by a heavy contract guarantee. Their robust nature is evident as some clients even drive forklift trucks over them without causing any damage. Additionally, wet cleaning these products poses no issue, further highlighting their practicality and resilience.

Do Vinyl wood planks look real?

These products have frequently managed to deceive people into believing they are genuine wood or stone. However, their primary goal is not to entirely mimic the real materials. Instead, these products aim to create the desired visual and tactile experience for the area while meeting practical needs, such as enduring the wear and tear the space will inevitably face.

Do you need an expansion gap with LVT’s?

No you don’t. Unlike wood, LVTs may resemble wood but are actually made of vinyl. The advantage with LVTs is that they can be cut into the skirting directly, eliminating the need for additional elements like scotia or removing existing skirting.

How are luxury vinyl tiles installed?

Our preferred method involves installing the LVT flooring on either 6mm flooring grade plywood for timber subfloors or using a primer and 3mm smoothing compound on a cementitious subfloor. Once we’ve meticulously prepared the surface to achieve a ‘glass-like’ smoothness, the LVTs are securely bonded to the subfloor using an appropriate adhesive, either pressure-sensitive or high-temperature, based on specific site conditions.

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LVT Flooring Brands


Amtico Flooring UK

Amtico stands as one of the leading brands in the industry, offering an extensive selection of colours and sizes across its three commercial ranges. Learn more about Amitco Flooring.


Karndean, the other prominent brand, provides a variety of ranges catering to different price points, ensuring options for a wide range of customers.


Polyflor dominates the UK commercial flooring market with its Expona Commercial LVT range, offering an extensive selection of colors to meet diverse preferences.


Moduleo floors

Moduleo is a rapidly growing brand, offering multiple ranges at varying price points, providing customers with abundant choices.


Invictus Flooring

Invictus, a newer and less recognized entrant in the LVT market, has received consistently positive feedback about their products, indicating their quality and customer satisfaction.


Gerflo - Industrial Linoleum Brand

Gerflor and Tarkett are significant players in the European commercial vinyl market. While their presence in the LVT market might not be as widely acknowledged, their offerings stand out due to their high quality, affordability, and diverse choices, making them valuable options for consumers.

Forbo Flooring

Forbo Flooring Solutions

Forbo are the market leader for LVT.  They offer offer other flooring solutions like entrance matting, carpet tiles, Vinyl sheeting and Linoleum. Learn more about Forbo.

LVT Installers

Olivers Contracts are a leading floor contractor in London who are specialists in luxury floor vinyl, both supply and installation – providing a quality and safe service all around. Speak to us for a free site inspection and consultation.