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Earth Day 2024 – Planet vs Plastics

I How are we at Olivers Contracts working to reduce plastic in our every day? Here are five ways in which we are contributing to the reduction of plastic usage in our daily operations: Raising awareness: We inform our customers about the environmental impacts of plastic within flooring and promote sustainable alternatives. We discuss the…

Elevating Educational Environments: The Transformative Influence of Commercial Flooring

In the realm of education, the physical environment crucially shapes the learning experience. Every space within educational facilities, from classrooms to hallways, libraries to gymnasiums, influences student engagement, comfort, and overall well-being. This blog post explores the significant impact of commercial flooring in the education sector, highlighting innovative trends, case studies, and examples that demonstrate…

Just a bit of flooring?

I have heard many times from customers, phrases such as ‘just a bit of flooring’, ‘just got to roll the vinyl out and stick it’ or ‘just have to throw the tiles down’ as if flooring installations could not be simpler. Everybody else’s job is easy, right? Maybe I can convince you that some thought really does go into what we do.