Terms and Conditions – Olivers Contracts


Here, we present our terms and conditions effective 1 January 2024.



1.1 In these conditions:

– “Company” refers to Olivers Contracts Ltd., situated at Unit 17 Silverwing Industrial

Estate, Horatius Way, Croydon, CR0 4RU.

– “Estimate” denotes the estimate provided to the Customer outlining the Goods and

associated prices.

– “Customer” represents the individual named in the Estimate. – “Goods” encompasses

the items specified in the Estimate.

– “Contract” signifies the agreement for the sale of Goods by the Company to the

Customer, as per these terms and the Estimate.

1.2 The headings are for convenience only and do not affect interpretation.



2.1 When only Goods are supplied, the terms of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 apply,

unless expressly altered by the Sales Invoice or these terms.

2.2 When Goods are supplied and fitted, the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982

applies, unless expressly altered by the Sales Invoice or these terms.

2.3 Changes to the Contract must be agreed upon in writing by Olivers Contracts Ltd.



3.1 Time is crucial for payment, and interest accrues at 4% over the base lending rate of

HSBC Bank Plc from 60 days after the invoice.

3.2 In case of late payment and legal action, a £500 plus VAT charge is applicable to

cover anticipated legal expenses.



4.1 Olivers Contracts Ltd. may make changes to Goods specifications without

notification if it doesn’t materially affect appearance, quality, or performance.



5.1 Post-delivery and fitting, the Customer cannot cancel the contract.

5.2 Olivers Contracts Ltd. retains the right to cancel the Contract before notifying the

Customer of Goods readiness, refunding any deposit or advance payment.



6.1 Olivers Contracts Ltd. will inform the Customer once the Goods are ready for


6.2 Delivery dates are approximate, and while every effort is made to meet them,

Olivers Contracts Ltd. accepts no liability for delays.

6.3 For deliveries in instalments, the same principles apply. Failure to deliver an

instalment does not constitute a fundamental breach.

6.4 If Goods cannot be delivered due to the Customer’s failure to provide access or

accept delivery, the Customer shall pay redelivery costs.

6.5 Failure to accept delivery within 3 weeks of notification may result in the

Company treating it as a cancellation by the Customer.



7.1 For supply and fitting Contracts, the Customer specifies whether rooms will be

cleared and prepared for installation. If Olivers Contracts Ltd. is to clear rooms,

associated fees will be included in the Estimate.

7.2 The Company’s liability is limited for any damage occurring during furniture

movement, and the Customer is required to move small, valuable, breakable, and

electrical items.

7.3 If furniture removal is not pre-quoted but becomes necessary, Olivers Contracts

Ltd. reserves the right to charge a fair fee for room clearance.

7.4 Door trimming following installation incurs a fair charge to the Customer.

7.5 Subfloor conditions are assumed to be flat, firm, and clean. Any treatment or

repair necessary before fitting is charged to the Customer.

7.6 All areas must be clear of other trades or their equipment for the fitting to

proceed seamlessly.

7.7 Decisions on carpet seam and pile directions are at the discretion of Olivers

Contracts Ltd. if Client does not specify before installation.

7.8 Rescheduling an installation requires one week’s notice; otherwise, 50% of fees

are payable for cancellations within 72 hours, with full fees for the rescheduled




8.1 Risk transfers to the Customer on Goods delivery.

8.2 Goods property passes to the Customer upon Olivers Contracts Ltd. receiving

cleared funds payment in full.

8.3 Until Goods property passes, the Customer holds the Goods as Olivers Contracts

Ltd.’s bailee, and the Company may demand Goods return at any time.



9.1 Olivers Contracts Ltd. bears no liability for incorrect measurements or

specifications provided by the Customer.

9.2 Any defect or failure in the Goods must be notified to the Company in writing

within 7 days of delivery.

9.3 The Company’s liability for defects, failure, or loss is limited to replacing,

repairing, or refunding the Goods at its option.

9.4 Olivers Contracts Ltd. is not liable for delays or defects beyond its control.

9.5 Pile reversal and shading in carpets or rugs are not considered defects, and

Olivers Contracts Ltd. assumes no liability.

9.6 Natural variations in wood colour and appearance are expected; changes over

time are not the Company’s liability unless directly attributed to a Goods or

installation default.

9.7 Slight colour variations in carpets and vinyl are possible compared to samples.



10.1 Notices must be in writing. Olivers Contracts Ltd.’s notices are addressed to their

Croydon address, or the email provided.

10.2 Olivers Contracts Ltd. may engage subcontractors at its discretion.

10.3 If any Contract provision is deemed invalid, the remainder remains binding.

10.4 The Contract constitutes the entire agreement, and no other terms are

incorporated unless agreed in writing by both parties.


Download here: Terms and Conditions_ Olivers Contracts 2024