Safety Flooring

Providing reassurance from a health and safety standpoint, offering peace of mind.

What is Safety Flooring?


Safety flooring refers to commercial vinyl flooring with improved anti-slip features. There are multiple types available, each offering varying levels of slip resistance, making them suitable for different applications.

Why Use Safety Flooring? 


The superior slip resistance offered by safety vinyl over other floor coverings significantly reduces the risk of slips and falls. This is especially important in areas prone to high levels of moisture or spills.

Safety Vinyl in High Traffic Areas
Where to use Safety Vinyl?

Where is Safety Vinyl Flooring Used?


Safety vinyl’s exceptional slip resistance, surpassing that of other floor coverings, significantly diminishes the likelihood of slips and falls. This characteristic is especially crucial in places susceptible to frequent moisture or spills. Safety vinyl is used in ‘wet areas’ such as toilets, changing rooms, science labs etc. Healthcare and education sectors are big users of safety vinyl.

FAQ’s for Safety Flooring:

What makes vinyl ‘Safety Vinyl’?

Safety vinyl must meet specific standards to ensure slip resistance and safety. It is required to have a minimum slip resistance rating of R10 and achieve a minimum of ≥36 on the Pendulum Test. Crucially, this slip resistance level must be guaranteed for the entire lifespan of the product.

It’s important to note that while certain standard commercial vinyls might boast similar ratings initially, they cannot guarantee the same level of slip resistance throughout the entire lifespan of the product. This crucial distinction emphasises the reliability and long-term safety assurance provided by safety vinyl meeting these stringent criteria.

Will any safety vinyl be suitable?

Not necessarily. Slip resistance is a vital factor in ensuring safety, but it also needs to be balanced with practicality, especially in different environments. Higher slip resistance, like the R12 rating, is essential in places such as commercial kitchens where grease and other contaminants are prevalent. However, in areas where such a high level of slip resistance isn’t necessary, it can indeed make cleaning more challenging. Achieving the right balance between slip resistance and ease of cleaning is crucial, ensuring both safety and practical maintenance considerations are met according to the specific needs of the environment.

Will safety vinyl guarantee that nobody will slip over?

No. Safety vinyl’s slip resistance is primarily due to its rough surface texture, which provides traction and reduces the risk of slips. However, if something is spilled onto the vinyl and either covers or submerges it, the slip resistance is compromised. In such cases, the effectiveness of the slip resistance depends on how well the spillage or debris is managed and removed from the surface. Proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensure that the slip resistance properties of safety vinyl are maintained over time.

Is safety vinyl suitable for bare foot wet areas such as showers?

Certainly, in situations where there’s a risk of barefoot slipping on a wet floor, it’s essential to use a specialist safety vinyl specifically designed to mitigate this risk. These specialized safety vinyl products are engineered with unique features to enhance slip resistance even when the surface is wet, providing additional security, especially in environments where people are walking barefoot. Using the right type of safety vinyl tailored to the specific needs of the environment is crucial for ensuring optimal safety.

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Safety Vinyl Flooring Brands


Altro Safety flooring

Altro is so well-known for their safety vinyl that clients often use the term “Altro” to refer to safety vinyl in general, showcasing their strong reputation in the market.


Forbo - Safety Vinyl

Karndean, the other prominent brand, provides a variety of ranges catering to different price points, ensuring options for a wide range of customers.


Polyflor is another leading company offering a variety of ranges, quick delivery times, and competitive prices, making them a strong contender in the safety vinyl industry.


Tarkett - Safety Vinyl

Tarkett is known for its wide range of well-made products, contributing to the diversity of options available to customers in the safety vinyl market.


Gerflo - Industrial Linoleum Brand

While Gerflor has a smaller market share in the UK, they offer quality products at competitive prices, catering to a specific segment of the market.

Safety Flooring Fitters

Our expertise and experience in installing safety vinyl has developed over many years. Our team’s proficiency in this field, honed through years of dedicated work since your establishment in 1986, underscores your reliability and skill. From seamlessly welding vinyl sheets together to precision cutting for timber skirting and crafting coved skirting, your commitment to delivering a premium finish sets us apart in the industry.