Flooring for Offices

Olivers Contracts can offer durable and stylish flooring solutions in the business environment to meet a variety of client needs.

Why Flooring is Important in Offices?

Flooring in offices plays a crucial role in functionality and aesthetics. While it must be durable and practical to meet the area’s demands, it also sets the tone for creating a comfortable and productive environment for staff. The choice of flooring can reflect a company’s brand identity and values.

Types of Office Flooring:

Carpet Tiles in Offices



Carpet Tiles – The most popular type of office flooring is carpet tiles. They are easier to install with furniture in place and can be removed to allow access to raised access panels or replaced easily if soiled. Beyond their practical benefits, the broad range of available designs makes them an attractive option. With choices to fit all budgets and significantly more sustainable options available, there is an opportunity to be creative while enhancing the office space’s look and feel.

Carpet Tiles in Office
Vinyl tiles for offices

Vinyl Flooring for Offices



Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT’s)offer a stylish look while being extremely durable and easy to clean and maintain. Despite a higher initial cost compared to carpet tiles, LVTs should remain in better condition for longer, especially in areas prone to food and drink spillage. Therefore, they are a good option for breakout areas. Design choices include wood-effect planks, stone-effect tiles, and some funky abstract options.

Sustainable Office Flooring



Sustainability has become a significant consideration when choosing new floor coverings, particularly in office spaces. Flooring manufacturers have responded by adopting more sustainable practices and producing eco-friendly floor coverings. Olivers Contracts can help specify and supply a wide variety of sustainable products and offer solutions for disposing of existing carpet tiles. Learn more on our Sustainability page or schedule a conversation with our Design & Sustainability Manager.

Sustainable Flooring in Offices
Office Carpets

Office Carpets



When outfitting office spaces, durability, aesthetics, and functionality are paramount. Among the best and most suitable commercial carpets for such environments are those crafted with high-quality materials, offering resilience against heavy foot traffic and frequent cleaning. Brands like Interface, Tarkett, and Milliken are widely acclaimed in the UK for their innovative designs, eco-friendly practices, and customisable options, catering to various office aesthetics and needs. These brands prioritise sustainability and ergonomics, ensuring their carpets not only enhance the ambiance but also contribute to a healthy and productive workspace.

Office Flooring Brands





Amtico, Bolon, Forbo, Heckmondwike, Tarkett, IVC, Milliken, Burmatex, and Modulyss are among the manufacturers that produce floor coverings for offices. However, you can find more information by visiting our Carpet Tiles, Bolon and LVT pages.

Carpets in Offices
Entrance Matting

Office Entrances



The entrance to offices get forgotten too often and a simple mat to capture the direct and wet is simply not enough. At Olivers we supply and fit out propert entrance matting systems that are embedded into the flooring and are specifically designed for high traffic and both dirt and as well as the moisture the working feet bring in every day.

FAQ’s for Office Flooring :

Our office is busy during the day and full of furniture. How would you fit new flooring?

We regularly install new floor coverings in offices, mostly outside normal working hours such as evenings and weekends. We can move heavier furniture and equipment around as we work from one side of the office to the other, accommodating your schedule.

Can carpet tiles give the office a ‘high-end look’?

Absolutely. Creative and intricate designs are available for carpet tiles, carefully crafted to create specific moods and ambiance within the office space. Sometimes, the tile patterns blend so seamlessly that it’s exceedingly difficult to detect that they are carpet tiles.

Which floor covering helps with noise reduction?

Certainly. While LVTs offer greater sound reduction than timber flooring, carpet tiles excel in noise reduction. A typical standard specification carpet tiles or commercial carpets will have a sound reduction of 20 dB.

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Olivers Contracts has been installing flooring in office spaces for almost 40 years. We can work around or move office furniture, operating during evenings or weekends to ensure minimal disruption and have the office in decent shape for the next working day. Our close relationships with major manufacturers, particularly in carpet tiles, allow us to provide numerous product options. With our extensive experience, we can anticipate potential problems and provide solutions proactively, giving clients peace of mind. See more about our services here.