Just a bit of flooring?

Welcome to Olivers Contracts first ever blog!

Whilst we look to keep modernising our business it is an age old topic that I want to discuss today. I have heard many times from customers, phrases such as ‘just a bit of flooring’, ‘just got to roll the vinyl out and stick it’ or ‘just have to throw the tiles down’ as if flooring installations could not be simpler. Everybody else’s job is easy, right? Maybe I can convince you that some thought really does go into what we do.

The first task of any project is the survey.

Will we know for sure whether there is a moisture problem, contamination like oil or whether the existing screed (often known, incorrectly as latex) is in good condition? Absolutely not. At least not until we have finally removed the existing floor coverings. Yet we regularly have to provide quotations on such a basis.

Knowing exactly which types of flooring are most practical, offering the customer ranges that offer a mix of best value and most suitability comes through years of experience installing floors. Having interior design experience to help guide the customer with colour and design choice is an added bonus that fortunately we can offer.

If you are aiming for the best of outcomes, there is a different screed for each and every sub floor.

Our screed is a smoothing compound that by the time we finish with it has a ‘glass like’ smoothness to it. Do we use a water mix screed or bag & bottle? What about a fast drying screed or a flexible screed or even one that pulls very little stress when it cures?

I’m not even going to delve into cementitious v calcium sulphate sub floors. Similar decisions have to be made about primers and adhesives too. There are so many options and choosing the right ones may be the difference between perfection and failure.

The cutting in and finishing of the flooring requires a lot of skill but in some ways it is a simple process compared to the meticulous planning and preparation that comes before it.

So what do you think, is it just a bit of flooring?

Steve Lampkin
Managing Director