Flooring for Schools

Olivers Contracts has vast experience working within schools, colleges and universities. We can help with specifying the best floor coverings for each area depending on its specific usage and complete the installation within educational environments and limitations to ensure a stress free experience for the students and staff.

Why Flooring is Important in Schools, Colleges and Universities

In educational facilities, there exist numerous areas serving various purposes. Examples include classrooms, laboratories, corridors, changing rooms, and sports halls, all of which typically endure heavy usage. Therefore, it’s paramount to select and install the most appropriate flooring types to ensure durability, safety and uphold aesthetic appeal.

Types of Flooring used where:


flooring for Classrooms

For Classrooms mainly carpet tiles or contract carpet but sometimes contract vinyl / safety vinyl.


School Laboratory Safety Flooring

Sheet vinyl or safety flooring depending on the specific use.

Staff Room & Offices

Staff Room and Office Flooring - Small

Sports Hall

School Hall Flooring

Specialist sports flooring in either vinyl or timber flooring.

Corridors & Lobbies

Flooring for School Corridors and Lobbies

Changing Rooms

School Changing Room Flooring

Requires safety vinyl.


Flooring for Commercial Kitchens in Schools


Entrance Matting Systems

Specialist entrance matting.

Flooring for Classrooms



Primary school classrooms tend to have more vinyl with a small area at the front in carpet tiles where children can sit. Secondary schools, colleges and Universities tend to choose carpet tiles more often than vinyl flooring (although both are pretty common). At Olivers Contracts, we have a wide variety of extremely hard wearing carpet tiles and vinyls to help suit client requirements.

Classroom Flooring
Vinyl Flooring for Schoos - Olivers Contracts

Vinyl Flooring for Schools



It is a common mistake to presume that safety vinyl is needed when choosing vinyl in schools. Wet areas such as toilets, kitchens, changing rooms etc will definitely require safety vinyl but corridors and classrooms would be more suited to contract sheet vinyl of even luxury vinyl tiles(LVT’s).

Commercial Kitchen Flooring




The majority of schools, colleges and universities will have at least one commercial kitchen. The flooring specification for these areas is clear and simple. A safety vinyl with an R12 slip rating must be installed with coved skirting. The extra slip resistance that this type of product offers, helps to deal with the oil and grease that becomes airborne whilst cooking and eventually settles on the floor.

Most commercial flooring manufacturers will offer an R12 slip rated safety vinyl, so there is plenty of choice. Forbo Safestep R12 in particular, offers great value for money.

Flooring for Commercial Kitchens in Schools
School Hall Flooring

Flooring for School Halls




Many schools halls are multi-use. Finding the best floor covering for a multi-use area is not always straight forward. With many halls being used as a dining area, there is a temptation to select a safety vinyl ‘to be safe’. However, if the area is going to be used for PE or other activities that involve children running around, safety vinyl may cause more damage to the children than other options. The small chippings that increase the slip resistance can also cause more damage to the skin of a child who has fallen over. These small chippings also make the vinyl harder to clean and maintain.

Sports vinyl often offers a balanced solution that is suitable for a variety of uses. Sports vinyl comes in several thicknesses. Each thickness will be manufactured with a different set of sports in mind. The lower thicknesses with less cushioning are particularly useful for multi-use school halls. The sports vinyl surface offers good slip resistance allowing children to stop abruptly or turn sharply. All bar the 2mm option has extra cushioning within the backing. There are no sharp chippings to cut or shred skin.


Many school sports halls still have some form of wood flooring on the floor. This can be replaced with a similar product but this can be expensive. A more suitable option is to install specialist sports wood flooring. This provides a solid floor but with some ‘give’ and flexibility to be easier on the body. Think squash courts as an example.

School Sports Hall Flooring

FAQ’s for Flooring Solutions:

Durability is really important for our school. What products do you have that will take a pounding from the children and will be easy to clean?

All the floor coverings we use are heavy contract rated with manufacturer cleaning guidelines. However, installing the right floor covering for the right area is key to the durability of the flooring. Commercial vinyl would offer the most hard wearing option and should be easier to clean than any form of carpet. Carpet or carpet tiles generally have 10 year wear guarantees and are more than sufficient in the right type of areas.

Are Olivers Contractor floor layers DBS checked?

The majority of our floor layers have up to date DBS checks. It is not always required as we often carry out work when no children are around such as holidays periods. However, if it is required, we have plenty of operatives with recent DBS checks.

Can we have durable flooring on a budget that will also help create a nice environment for the pupils?

Certainly. We work with all the major manufacturers and can help you find the right solution. With our in house designer and skilled floor layers, we can be quite creative with budget materials to create fun and stylish designs.

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Whatever the area or the usage within the educational facility, Olivers Contracts will have a solution. With nearly 40 years of experience installing flooring in schools, colleges and universities, we understand client needs within educational facilities, offer a professional service and carry out the installation in a safe manner for all.

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