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Floor design is a critical aspect of any refurbishment project, adding value, aesthetics, and functionality to your property.

What is Floor Designing?


Floor Design is a comprehensive approach to planning and executing the layout and aesthetics of your flooring. It involves selecting the right materials, patterns, and colours that best suit your space and needs. Our team of experts at Olivers Contracts Ltd will work closely with you to create a floor design that complements your interior design, providing both practicality and style.

The Importance of Floor Design Within the Refurbishment Industry


Floor Design plays a pivotal role in the refurbishment industry. Whether you’re renovating a residential property, office space, or a retail store, the right floor design can transform the look and feel of the entire space. It sets the foundation for your interior design, creating a harmonious and cohesive atmosphere.

In the commercial sector, a well-thought-out floor design can improve employee productivity, create a positive first impression for clients, and even impact your brand image. For residential properties, it can increase the market value and make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Advantages of Wooden Flooring

The Advantages of Investing in Floor Design for Your Project

Investing in Floor Design offers numerous advantages, such as:

Enhanced Aesthetics: A thoughtfully designed floor can uplift the entire space, making it more appealing and visually pleasing.

Functionality: A well-designed floor considers the purpose of the space, ensuring it meets the practical requirements of the area.

Durability: The right choice of materials and design can increase the lifespan of your floor, saving you maintenance and replacement costs.

Increased Property Value: A beautifully designed floor can add significant value to your property.

Energy Efficiency: Some flooring materials can contribute to better insulation and energy efficiency.

In conclusion, Floor Design is an essential part of any refurbishment project, and it comes with a range of benefits, from improved aesthetics to increased property value. At Olivers Contracts Ltd, we’re committed to delivering top-tier Floor Design services that cater to your unique needs. Contact us today to explore how we can transform your space with our expertise.

FAQ’s for Floor Design Services:

What Flooring Materials Are Suitable for My Project?

Our experts will recommend materials based on your space, foot traffic, and design preferences. Get in touch now to discuss.

How Long Does the Floor Design Process Take?

The timeline varies based on project size, complexity, and materials chosen.

What's the Cost of Floor Design Services?

Pricing depends on the scope of work and materials used. We offer competitive pricing and transparent quotes.

Can You Provide Custom Floor Designs?

Yes, our team specialises in creating bespoke floor designs that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Do You Offer Maintenance and Repairs?

We provide maintenance and repair services to keep your floors in top condition over time.

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At Olivers Contracts Ltd, we are proud to offer exclusive Floor Design services to enhance your commercial and residential spaces. A well-executed Floor Design can make a world of difference in your project. It ensures that your space reflects your vision and purpose, creating a lasting impact. It sets the stage for interior decor, and it’s a long-term investment that pays off through durability, aesthetics, and functionality.