Commercial Entrance Matting

The key function of entrance matting is to remove the dirt and debris from footwear to protect the look and durability of floor coverings as well as improve safety.

What is Entrance Matting?


Entrance matting or industrial door matts are for commercial spaces and can be made using aluminium scraper bars combined with specialised carpet fibres engineered to effectively eliminate and capture dirt. Another option involves sheet and tile matting crafted exclusively from tufted fibres, which can be either securely bonded to the subfloor or have a loosely laid backing. Additionally, there are numerous choices available for incorporating logos into commercial matting.

Why Use Entrance Matting? 


Entrance mats play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and safe environment within a business facility. They effectively trap dirt, moisture, and debris at the entrance, preventing them from being tracked further into the premises. This not only enhances the overall cleanliness of the space but also reduces the risk of slips, trips, and falls, thereby promoting workplace safety. Commercial entrance matting systems are designed for high traffic, perfect for your company.

Why use entrance matting?
Entrance Matting Systems

Where is Entrance Matting Used?


Matting is typically placed at the entry points of commercial facilities with the purpose of effectively clearing dirt and debris from the soles of shoes. They are placed just in the inner entrance of the building, inside revolving doors of just in front of entrance doors, on the inside.

FAQ’s for Matting for Entrances:

How long does entrance matting last?

This depends on the type of matting and brand. Some of the matting that has aluminium scraper bars can have 20 year guarantees and is generally installed in super heavy duty areas such as supermarkets or train stations. Most sheet matting will either have a 5 year or ten year guarantee. What is most important is to specify the right matting for the usage to begin with.

Do you have to clean the matting?

Absolutely. If the matting does what it is supposed to do – remove and trap the dirt that is walked in, then there will be a build up of dirt and debris that will need to be vacuumed.

Is there much of a colour / design choice?

There is so much choice between the ranges for colours and designs with the sheet and tile formats. We can even create a matting with a specific design or logo. The super durability mats with aluminium scraper bars do not have a great variety of design options as they are purely about functionality.

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Entrance Matting Brands


Forbo Flooring

Forbo are the market leader for entrance matting. They offer top of the range products in the aluminium ribbed, sheet and tile matting categories. If you want quality entrance matting, Forbo are the first company to turn to. Learn more about Forbo Flooring Solutions.


Gradus flooring

Gradus also offer matting products to provide a solution for all matting requirements.

Master Matting

Master Matting

Master Matting is a family-run group of businesses supplying, installing and maintaining a diverse range of custom-made entrance matting systems to clients throughout the UK.

Commercial Entrance Matting Company


Olivers Contracts has been installing entrance matting for nearly 40 years. We can supply and install all types of matting including logo mats, loose laid mats and matting for revolving doors.