Earth Day 2024

Earth Day 2024 – Planet vs Plastics


How are we at Olivers Contracts working to reduce plastic in our every day?

Here are five ways in which we are contributing to the reduction of plastic usage in our daily operations:

Raising awareness:

We inform our customers about the environmental impacts of plastic within flooring and promote sustainable alternatives. We discuss the benefits of choosing eco-friendly flooring options for our commercial projects.

Sustainable flooring options:

We can provide our customers with a range of sustainable flooring materials. Our offerings include renewable, biodegradable alternatives that have significantly lower environmental footprints compared to traditional plastic-based flooring.

Encouraging Recycling:

Tarkett Recycling Flooring

We actively promote the use of flooring materials crafted from recycled plastics, such as recycled vinyl or carpet tiles. By repurposing plastic waste into flooring products, we contribute to waste diversion efforts and diminish the need for virgin plastic production.

Recycling Initiatives:

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Olivers Contracts support initiatives that facilitate the recycling and reuse of plastic-based flooring materials at the end of their life cycle. We use different schemes which minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency in the flooring industry. We work with many of our brands sustainable flooring recycling projects.

Supporting Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: We work particularly closely with manufacturers who prioritise eco-friendly production processes. They use methods that minimise resource consumption, energy usage, and emissions.

By working with these strategies and collaborating with our customers and manufacturers, we can make considerable progress in reducing plastic in the flooring world and move towards a more sustainable future. Earth Day is a reminder of our collective responsibility to protect the planet and its future for our younger generation.

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