Want to change the look of a room?
Change the floor!

When someone walks into a room the floor can affect your impression of the space

subconsciously. The floor has a significant impact on the aesthetic of your working

environment and home.

Flooring can make your space look instantly cooler, warmer, larger or smaller. It can also affect

acoustics in your working space or family home whether it being an office, retail or design space.

Key trends may come and go by season but strong, unique designs are the main stays. They are

regularly updated with different hues, textures and finishes to embrace the current trends. Tiles

and planks are continually being renewed and improved

Not sure which direction to go
with your flooring choice?


My name is Cecilia and I am the Olivers Contracts in-house designer.


If you would like support during your planning stage I can work with you to specify the correct flooring products not just suitable for the functional side but also from an aesthetics point of view.
I have got an interior design background and have worked with commercial led projects as well as interior design.
I also have visual merchandising, staging and exhibitions experience.
Something I really enjoy is working with clients and together we can and will transform your space.


Have a project you would like to explore with me?