Commercial Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a durable and convenient alternative to sheet carpet, known for their ease of installation and removal.

What are Commercial Carpet Tiles?


Commercial carpet tiles, usually measuring 50x50cm, feature a sturdy backing, often made of bitumen. They are installed using an easy-release adhesive, allowing for effortless removal and reinstallation when necessary.

What the Advantages of Commercial Carpet Tiles?


Carpet tiles offer the advantage of quick installation without the need to clear large areas, making them a convenient choice. Their versatility allows for creative patterns and designs on the floor. The use of easy-release adhesive means that there is rarely a need for re-screeding the subfloor, saving both time and money in the installation process. LVT or Carpet Tiles for commercial buildings? – SASGO

Commercial Carpet up Close
Carpet Tiles in Office

Where are Carpet Tiles Used?


Carpet tiles find frequent use in offices, especially on raised access floors, due to their easy removal, enabling access beneath the panels for electrical work. They are also popular in educational settings, providing durability and allowing for creative designs with vibrant colours. In addition, carpet tiles are commonly employed in various other commercial spaces, including hotels, residential communal areas, and retail spaces, owing to their versatility and practicality.



Contemporary carpet tiles have evolved significantly, offering a wide array of features and benefits. Depending on the range, they can provide sound reduction properties, allowing for a quieter environment. Bespoke designs allow for personalised and unique flooring solutions. Some carpet tiles are engineered to be stain-resistant, making them easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, there are carbon-neutral options available, contributing to environmental sustainability. Furthermore, many carpet tile manufacturers now offer opportunities to recycle the tiles at the end of their lifecycle, promoting eco-friendly practices and reducing environmental impact.

FAQ’s for Carpet Tiles:

Will the joins between each carpet tile show?

It’s not possible to guarantee that joins won’t show, a phenomenon also known as ‘broadlooming.’ However, with precise installation, joins can become less noticeable over time due to wear and use. In some cases, especially with correct fitting, joins can even become nearly invisible.

Why the difference in cost between different carpet ranges?

The variance in cost between different carpet tile ranges stems from their diverse specifications and designs. Some tiles have plain patterns, while others feature intricate designs. Additionally, differences in pile weights and density impact the tile’s durability. Heavy contract carpet tiles typically use nylon for the pile, enhancing their durability and longevity.

Are carpet tiles easy to clean?

Yes, carpet tiles are relatively easy to clean. They can be vacuumed to remove dirt and debris. Many carpet tiles are made with solution-dyed nylon, making them resistant to colour fading. This feature allows for spot cleaning with cleaning solutions without risking colour removal, enhancing their ease of maintenance.

How much do carpet tiles cost?

This all depends on the brand, the range and the preparation of the floor and installation that is needed. Give us a shout to the right here for a free quote or site visit.

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Commercial Carpet Tile Brands

Milliken: Milliken tiles are renowned for their thick cushioned backing, providing superior comfort and sound insulation. They are distinguished for their extensive collection of high-end and creative designs.

Forbo Flooring Systems: Forbo offers a broad range of options, catering to various budgets from economical choices to high-end designs, providing good value for customers.

Desso: Desso offers diverse ranges, including options for recycling tiles when replaced. They are also a leading global manufacturer of artificial grass for sports applications.

Rawsons: Traditionally known for fibre-bonded products in education, Rawsons now offer quality budget options in the tufted carpet tile market.

Burmatex: Burmatex provides cost-effective carpet tile ranges with efficient delivery services.

Modulyss: A Belgian manufacturer, Modulyss specialises in high-end designs, offering a variety of creative options.

Shaw Contracts: Shaw Contracts is recognized for innovative designs catering to the mid to high-end market segment.

Carpet Tiles Installation


In the installation process, after preparing a smooth subfloor or raised access floor, an easy-release adhesive is applied. This adhesive secures the tiles in place without complete bonding, allowing for easy removal and reinstallation without causing damage to either the tiles or the subfloor.


Our company stands out due to the expertise of our highly experienced floor layers. We possess an in-house designer who assists clients in choosing the ideal carpet tile range and design to meet their specific requirements. Our team ensures meticulous installation, employing their skills, resources, and machinery to guarantee a high-quality outcome.

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