Bolon Carpet

Bolon flooring is renowned for its innovation and style. It is a unique and fashionable choice in the flooring industry, known for its contemporary designs and durability. 

What is Bolon Flooring?


Bolon flooring is a carpet crafted from woven vinyl, seamlessly blending the warmth and texture of textiles with the durability of vinyl. This innovative flooring solution is available in versatile formats, including sheets, tiles, and rugs. Bolon serves as both the brand and manufacturer name, representing the product’s distinctive blend of style and resilience.

Why Bolon? 


Bolon is renowned for its distinctive design, exceptional durability, and, most notably, its eco-friendly features. This flooring option provides a diverse range of patterns, colors, and textures, making it a versatile choice. Bolon is not only suitable for heavy usage areas but also easy to clean, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics in various settings. Its eco-friendly properties further enhance its appeal, aligning with sustainable design practices.

Bolon Flooring

Where is Bolon Carpet Typically Used?


Bolon flooring is a popular choice in various settings such as offices, hotels, educational facilities, and other venues seeking a modern and stylish finish. Its versatility in design, durability, and ease of maintenance make it an attractive flooring solution for spaces that prioritise both aesthetics and functionality. Bolon flooring is popular in various settings, including commercial spaces and residential interiors, where a blend of aesthetics and functionality is a priority.

Bolon’s commitment to Sustainability


Bolon flooring’s dedication to sustainability is evident in their practices. They not only utilise recycled materials in their products but also have an established recycling program for their flooring, minimising the environmental footprint. For clients emphasising sustainability, Bolon becomes a compelling choice in flooring. In 2022 alone, Bolon incorporated 1,130 tonnes of recycled material into their products. Their commitment is further highlighted by the fact that, since 2018, an average of 71% of the materials used in Bolon products are recycled, showcasing a consistent effort toward eco-conscious manufacturing. Please see the link to Bolon’s Sustainability page. 

FAQ’s for Bolon Flooring:

What is Bolon carpet made from?

Bolon flooring is crafted from recycled PVC-free woven vinyl, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Is Bolon carpet or vinyl?

Bolon is a hybrid product, woven like some carpets but made with vinyl, offering a distinctive look and finish that combines the best of both materials.

Is Bolon easy to clean?

Yes, Bolon is easy to clean and maintain. While Bolon can provide specific cleaning advice, its vinyl composition ensures effortless maintenance.

Why should I pay more money for Bolon than for carpet tiles or vinyl?

While Bolon may not fall under the budget category, it offers excellent value. In the realm of commercial flooring, Bolon stands out due to its easy maintenance, remarkable durability, stylish designs, uniqueness, and bespoke options. Additionally, considering the increasing importance of sustainability, Bolon’s commitment to eco-friendly practices adds significant value.

How do I go about choosing a Bolon range / colours / design?

Olivers Contracts provides assistance in choosing the right Bolon range, colors, and design. They offer on-site visits, conduct site surveys, and walk clients through Bolon samples, providing cost estimates. Additionally, for those willing to travel to Clerkenwell, they facilitate visits to Bolon’s showroom. With the support of Bolon’s designers, clients can explore all available options and make informed decisions.

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Olivers Contracts takes pride in their partnership with Bolon, a manufacturer deeply committed to sustainability. Bolon’s products not only provide a stylish floor finish but also offer customisation options. With the expertise of their in-house designer, Olivers Contracts can assist clients in specifying the most suitable Bolon product for their needs. Our experienced floor layers ensure the installation is executed to a high standard, ensuring customer satisfaction and a visually appealing, eco-friendly flooring solution. Our dedication to sustainability matches theirs.