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Amtico is renowned for its distinguished reputation, characterised by high-quality products, innovative design, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, consistently setting our floors apart from the rest.

Who is Amtico Flooring?


For over sixty years, Amtico has been dedicated to British manufacturing expertise, crafting unique luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) in Coventry, UK, since the early 1960s. While expanding globally to over 130 countries, Amtico remains steadfast in its commitment to British values, emphasising design, craftsmanship, and meticulous care for products and services. Employing advanced production methods, each floor undergoes 57 product assurance tests, showcasing Amtico’s commitment to excellence. Backed by extensive commercial warranties of up to 20 years, Amtico’s experience is embedded in every layer, ensuring enduring quality and performance.

What Kind of Flooring do Amtico offer?


Amtico offers a diverse range of luxury flooring solutions, specialising in luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). Their extensive collection includes options with wood, stone, and abstract patterns, allowing for versatile customisation to suit various interior styles. Amtico’s flooring is known for its high-quality materials, durability, and innovative design, making it suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Additionally, Amtico provides waterproof flooring options, making it ideal for areas prone to moisture. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their use of recycled materials and eco-friendly production processes. Overall, Amtico stands out for its comprehensive selection of flooring that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Amtico Flooring
Amtico Advantages

Advantages of Amtico Flooring

Exceptional Quality:

State-of-the-art layering system and the globally acclaimed Multiple Performance System ensure underfoot comfort, remarkable durability, and superior resistance to scuffs and marks.

Quantum Guard Elite urethane layer provides unparalleled protection, preserving a high-end appearance.

Seamless Performance: Effortlessly easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for commercial settings where durability and maintenance ease are crucial.

Sustainability: Commitment to sustainability with the use of recycled materials and eco-friendly production processes. See more about sustainable flooring.

Design Versatility:Diverse range of design options, including wood, stone, and abstract patterns, allowing endless customization possibilities for various interior styles.

Waterproof Options: Availability of waterproof choices enhances suitability for moisture-prone spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

Bespoke Design Services: Custom flooring designs tailored to specific preferences and requirements, ensuring each space has a unique and personalised aesthetic.

Installation Flexibility: Various installation methods, including glue-down, click-lock, and loose lay, offer flexibility for different scenarios and subfloor types.

Warranty Coverage:Extensive warranty coverage provides customers with peace of mind regarding the quality and performance of their investment.

Examples of Amtico Flooring


Discover Amtico’s flooring versatility through a curated collection featuring classic wood, timeless stone, and bold abstract patterns. Designed for both residential and commercial spaces, Amtico’s high-quality flooring is exceptionally durable, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.


From modern homes to commercial settings and healthcare environments, Amtico offers the perfect foundation for transforming spaces. Explore the full range and applications on Amtico’s website with images courtesy of Amtico, including their exclusive room visualiser!

Amtico Flooring Examples
Amtico Collection

FAQ’s for Amtico Flooing:

What makes Amtico flooring different from other options?

Amtico flooring stands out due to its superior quality, durability, and a vast array of design options, making it a preferred choice for those seeking long-lasting and stylish flooring solutions.

Is Amtico flooring suitable for commercial spaces?

Absolutely, Amtico offers commercial-grade flooring solutions known for their durability and aesthetic appeal, making them ideal for a variety of commercial applications.

How do I clean Amtico flooring?

Maintaining Amtico flooring is a breeze. Regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping with a pH-neutral cleaner are usually sufficient to keep it looking pristine.

Is Amtico flooring environmentally friendly?

Yes, Amtico is committed to sustainability. The brand incorporates eco-friendly practices in its manufacturing processes and offers options made with recycled materials. Se more about their commitment to  sustainability.

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Amtico Flooring Installation


Our team of flooring installers is equipped with extensive expertise, cutting-edge machinery, and a commitment to excellence. With a focus on precision and quality, we ensure that your Amtico flooring is installed with the utmost care, meeting the highest standards.